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Residential Products

When sophisticated heating and cooling consumers across region want to improve their home health, energy efficiency and comfort, they turn to innovative Temp-Tech products and systems. We are a preferred supplier of Napoleon HVACR systems although we can provide products from a number of other suppliers.

Let the experts at Temp-Tech Refrigeration, Heating & Cooling help you customize the perfect solution for you.


Napoleonís gas furnace line is proudly engineered and manufactured in North America. Napoleon gas furnaces are reliable, safe and offer a variety of sizes that can efficiently heat any home.  Thanks to economical natural gas fuel, Napoleon furnaces provide affordable heating that can handle the harshest cold. Models with advanced variable-speed blowers and modulating burners match your comfort needs precisely and efficiently. Plus, count on the energy savings of ENERGY STARģ qualified products to make you more cozy for less cash.

Air Conditioners

Napoleonís line of air conditioner efficiently cool and dehumidify your home while achieving the desired temperature. With central and ductless products, there is an air conditioner option for every home.

Heat Pumps

Napoleonís heat pumps offer both heating and cooling capabilities to effectively balance the temperature of your home. With central and ductless products, there is a heat pump option for every home.

Condo Packs

Napoleon is proud to offer self-contained thru-wall heating & cooling units with up to 96.8% AFUE.

Air Handlers

Napoleonís air handlers are compatible with cooling and heat pump applications to efficiently balance the temperature of your home.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is critical in today's insulated homes. That's why Napoleon offers a complete range of technologies that can ventilate, humidify, dehumidify, filter and provide ultraviolet air treatment to ensure a healthy home environment.  Napoleonís air purification lamps can be installed in a variety of ways to filter air entering and exiting the HVAC system.

Thermostats and Controls

You get a higher degree of quality and comfort with easy-to-use Napoleon thermostats, from programmable thermostats to advanced touch screen technology that makes it easy to save energy and improve comfort.

Ductless Air Conditioners

Ductless air conditioners are an effective alternative to central systems. Napoleon is proud to offer a wide rage of products.

Hybrid Systems

A hybrid system combines the strengths of two heating sources to handle the demands of very cold and mildly cold weather. Featuring a furnace with inside heat pump and integrated air handler combined with an outside heat pump, the system automatically alternates between furnace and heat pump to save energy in milder conditions. The result: more control over your monthly energy bills by allowing you to choose the most economical method of heating.

Learn how a hybrid comfort system combines dual fuel heating and cooling technologies for ultimate efficiency and comfort.

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