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Our Temp-Tech Refrigeration, Heating & Cooling certified technicians install, service and repair all of the many products we sell. Replacements, modifications, adjustments, repairs, etc. are provided promptly, courteously and economically. Call us for a price quote!

A dependable and efficient heating system plays a major role in living comfortably during the looong Ottawa Valley fall/winter/spring seasons. You can keep your system operating safely and reliably by having it checked over by our expert technicians.

We recommend having your entire heating system checked at least once a year before the heating season begins. We give your heating system a thorough check-over and report the results to you. Any repairs or adjustments necessary can be handled by our well-trained technicians.

Every heating system check covers these areas:

  • Clean furnace.
  • Oil and lubricate motors.
  • Check/adjust gas pressure.
  • Check/adjust air shutters.
  • Check proper operation of all safety devices.
  • Check heat exchanger.
  • Inspect overall condition of system components, wiring, etc.

We also inspect and service:

  • Refrigeration Units including:

    • Walk-in Freezers

    • Coolers

    • Grocery Stores

  • Heating Systems including:

    • Gas (Natural and LP)

    • Oil

    • Electric

  • Air Conditioning

  • Ventilation Systems

  • ...and more

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